Ethics in design functions in real estate and hospitality service -An overview

Ethics in design functions in real estate and hospitality service -An overview  Three design functions namely i.e.  Architectural design, Interior design, and MEP services have been analysed by the author from ethical perspectives.  The word “ethics” refers to the moral principles or values that enable us to do the right things. In a broader sense, ethics include integrity, objectivity, professional competence, confidentiality, and professional behaviour.Any compromise in ethics can lead to adverse implications for the organization.Starting This blog, a series of blogs will be published over the next few months highlighting the extracts from the forthcoming handbook of the author. Overall, this author has analysed 91 key processes performed by  the three design functions along with business activities and has identified  several activities in the handbook as summarised  below, which  if not performed diligently/meticulously  can hurt the organization1 Design Activities identified =292          ·       Design of Architect -core =116, statutory=18·       Design of Interiors - core =63, statutory=12·       Design of MEP- core =69, statutory=14          Sub-total - core =248, statutory=44                                2 Supporting activities identified, that are essential to perform above=282 are listed below:·        For configuration tables =12               @ 4/function·       For Master data tables =12                 @ 4/function·       For risk assessments=141 @47/function ·       For  access rights=117           @39/function3 Other Supporting activities identified are as below =342@114 in each design functions·       user traceability=3, audit trails=2, coding schemes=14,·       Design document management  -Hard documents =12, Design document management  .-soft documents =8·       Budgeting=11, Management Information System=14, Standard Operating Procedure =8, Financial approval=16·        Core documents=6,  Statutory documents =7, ·       Identifying Functional manuals=3, identifying similar type manual=3, Identifying KPI (key performance indicators for designers) =7  Sub-total=     114    The adverse impacts have been categorized as any one of three types below or a combination thereof and marked as ① or ② or ③ ① Quality of design or quality of construction or project costs or customer satisfaction or revenue of the company as relevant.② Statutory or regulatory compliances③ Efficiency or effectiveness of the design process The activities are listed in the forthcoming book, Titled “ETHICS in the real estate and hospitality industry, Volume 1- Architectural, Interior design, and MEP services “      .     .